Celine Fall/Winter 2011-12: Luggage Totes & Cabas
28 August 2011

Celine Fall/Winter 2011-12: Luggage Totes & Cabas

The New Luggage Tote and Cabas Range for Fall/Winter 2011-12

The Cabas

It’s minimalist and understated, yet still sought after by fashion editors. Solid colours, bi-toned (ie colour blocked), exotics. Animal prints and zippered details. The Celine Cabas comes in many guises. This Fall/Winter 2011-12 season, a new small shape with a top zip and shoulder handles. The top zip is definitely more practical addition to the existing open-top Cabas totes, especially for those who are concerned with pickpockets and well, security in general. However, my favourite Cabas is still the one with the vertical double zippered detail, which I haven’t really seen in stores anymore.
The Cabas is priced from RM3,500 onwards (depending on materials and styles).

Luggage Totes: RM 5,500 onwards
I’m sure these babies need no introduction. The Luggage Totes are the most sought after Celine bags, and even more popular than the iconic “Boogie Bag” (which has also been modified and revived from the archives and recently “reissued” last season) designed by Michael Kors when he was creative director of Celine in the 90s. These arm candies are the holy grail of all Celine bags, and is either usually sold out even before they ship to stores, or sold out within days upon arrival in stores. Getting your hands on one of them is a near impossible feat, and I’m sure your friends will tell you that the waitlist for these Luggage totes are LONG. Demand definitely outweighs supply in this case. Consider yourself lucky if you even spot one of them in stores whether in the US, Hong Kong, or Singapore. Enter the Celine boutique and ask for one of these and you will hear these two words: SOLD OUT.

Personally, I really LOVE this and in fact is still one of the bags on my covetworthy list (well, any bag I find covetworthy is automatically added to my wishlist anyway!). I really don’t know why the bug never really caught on in KL, which probably explains why there’s usually stock in the Celine boutiques in KL. This could very well be a blessing in disguise though, because you can get it off the shelf and wouldn’t have to fight to get to the top of the waitlist!

Images courtesy of Celine