London Fashion Week: Burberry's Spring/Summer 2012 Bags!
27 September 2011

London Fashion Week: Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2012 Bags!

For those of you who managed to place your order during Burberry’s “Runway to Reality” window for pre-orders, congrats to you, you’ll be getting your pieces 3 months in advance before it hits stores! And for those of you who missed the opportunity, I’m sorry to say that the pre-order week has come and gone. Those of you out there who are my regular followers would have already seen some of these SS12 Burberry bags (but only blurry pics of models in motion on the catwalk) in my Burberry SS12 London Fashion Week post  from which I live-tweeted. Today, I present to you detail closeup shots of the SS12 bags which definitely reflect the “Beads, Weaves, Parkas and Prints” theme Christopher Bailey had going on for Spring/Summer 2012, which I feel, exudes a distinctly Asian vibe that I really can’t place my finger on so I’ll settle for the term “Asian”.

First up, introducing Burberry’s Bag of the Season, the Whipstitch bag in a variety of materials such as raffia, canvas, and suede with leather trims and of course, whipstitch details. I’ve had the opportunity to have a touch and feel of some of these whipstitch bags backstage after the Burberry SS12 show, and I rather like the raffia one (coated/waxed raffia I’m assuming due to its lustrous outer sheen) with the colour-blocked horizontal stripes. It’s a little on the heavy side if you’re not used to the weight, but after lugging around Balenciaga’s Giant hardware bags all day, it’s not too heavy for me, but it IS a little oversized for me because well, I’m too vertically challenged! lol If you’re tall, however, this would look great on you!

The beaded clutches, which I’m not such a fan of. I’m sorry but the beaded detailing reminds me of those beaded seat covers that Malaysian taxi drivers used to have on their seat, or well, the two front seats anyway, albeit with beads much bigger in size. It also reminds me of yogis and monks for some reason. Oh well *shrugs*

 Now THIS oversized clutch with what I call a tribal-esque motif is definitely up my alley! Well it’s either tribal-esque or chevron or to some, it might even resemble our traditional Malaysian woven floor mats that you see regularly at local handicraft centres. And, I must say, that although I’m not usually a fan of tribal prints and motifs – and I didn’t really like this when I saw it coming down the runway – but changed my mind once I got to feel it and look at it up-close backstage at the Burberry show. I really love the colour combinations on all these oversized clutches, but what really MAKES the clutch is the leather buckle details. LOVE! And the best thing about this? It can be easily taken from day (with jeans) to night (a little solid coloured dress so that the colour combo on the clutch stands out)!

Lastly, these shoulder bags, which I didn’t get to see backstage. But from what I observed on the SS12 runway, they are rather stiff and it could either be either raffia or wicker or both! Either way, I wouldn’t advise you to wear this with delicate clothing because it might snag your outfit! Love the beetroot colour on the last  one!

Saw any pieces you liked?

Images courtesy of Burberry