Balenciaga's Metallic Edge Collection
8 April 2014

Balenciaga’s Metallic Edge Collection

Image via @Club21 instagram

Okay, now there’s quite a bit of confusion when it comes to this new collection by Balenciaga. Some have dubbed as the new “Animation” collection, known as such in Germany and subsequently, Club21 has on their Instagram account (which, I must admit, confused me at first because, well, animation usually refers to some sort of illustration or cartoonesque sketches or figurine motifs and there were none to be found on this bag). But, as per the website, it was named as the “Metallic Edge”, which, to be honest, makes more sense, now, doesn’t it? After all, as Shakespeare DID say in Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name? ” and a name, more often than not, should make sense. Ah, well. *shrugs*

Metallic Edge Mini City in Light Grey


Anyway, however it is you’d like to refer to this collection – Animation or Metallic Edge – you might’ve noticed that what’s new about this is the metallic gold outlines on the leather overlays on the bag. Personally, I ain’t really a fan, except maybe only the light grey and beige versions because they look classy in those colours, but honestly, they look kinda cheap and *gasp* fake even, on the other colour options like Black and burgundy. And yes, I totally just said that, as huge as a Balenciaga and Alexander Wang fangirl that I am.  Whoops. But hey, as much as we all love certain brands, we can’t all like everything from it now, can we? I mean, think about it, if we do, it would make the brand one-dimensional and catering only to the needs of a certain type of customer.

Metallic Edge Mini City here via MyTheresa (they ship internationally)


Metallic Edge Envelope Clutch in beige and light grey here
Metallic Edge Velo (here)

It’s available in 4 styles: Mini City, City, Velo, and the Envelope Clutch, and in colour options such as light grey, black, burgundy, and beige. The City and Mini City versions are sold out in KL’s Balenciaga boutique at Suria KLCC, so only the envelope clutch is available in light grey and black and priced at RM 3,990. 

Would you be getting one?

Images via Balenciaga and My Theresa (International)