Balenciaga's Everyday Tote
12 September 2018

Balenciaga’s Everyday Tote

When it comes to logos emblazoned onto tees, I’m a huge fan. But, when it comes to logos or brands being splashed across bags, I’d be singing a totally different tune, and would usually avoid them like the plague. But, when it comes to this Balenciaga Everyday Tote, there’s just something about its minimalist chic vibe that I find really appealing.

Balenciaga Everyday Tote White

While Balenciaga recently came up with an entire line of bags ranging from pouches, backpacks, bowlers, and camera bags with the logo, I find myself being drawn only to the Everyday Tote. True to its namesake, it’s a practical yet stylish everyday bag, and not to mention, totally unisex so both you and your partner/significant other steal it off each other. The long handles also makes it extremely convenient for when you need your hands free. What’s more, it could also double as a great second bag for work and your documents along with your laptop.

The Everyday Tote comes in 3 sizes – Extra Small, Small, and Medium – in either black or white. If you ask me, I personally prefer the black, which is yet another surprise for me.


Images: Balenciaga