As Seen On the Runway: Bottega Veneta's Sfrangiato Tote
4 November 2010

As Seen On the Runway: Bottega Veneta’s Sfrangiato Tote

I already disliked the Sfrangiato Tote when I spotted them at Bottega Veneta’s S/S 2010 runway show in September last year, and seeing it again, reminded me all over again of the reasons. No, I’m not stuck in a time warp, and Yes, I am fully aware that it’s all about the F/W bags now, but I feel so strongly about this bag that I just have to say SOMETHING, so please bear with me here.

My biggest problem with all these Sfrangiato bags is that the ends are left hanging. I know that it’s meant to be part of the design and that this was Tomas Maier’s take on the fringe detail, but with the ends just tucked into the last weave, gives me the impression that if you just pick at it, you can start “unweaving” and thus, unravelling the whole bag, especially in the vicinity of a child with itchy fingers. Next problem? Just think of how the ends would look like, especially the bottom bit of the bag when you leave if on the floor a few times — yup, the ends will just get bent inwards. And last but not least, if you paid $3,250 for it, it should NOT look like those Malaysian straw mats that we find over here at handicraft and/or tourist locations. Nuff said.
Available via Barneys