Alexander Wang's Prisma Leather Tote
13 February 2012

Alexander Wang’s Prisma Leather Tote

£499.59 via Net-a-Porter,
HKD 6,000++ at Lane Crawford and Joyce

On a recent trip to Hong Kong last month, I was besotted with this Alexander Wang “Prisma” leather tote the moment I laid eyes on it. Available in 3 colours, black, azure blue, and yellow (if I remember correctly, though I might be wrong) — blue was my favourite. An easy tote, perfect for a casual day out,  and because of the open top design, it comes with a zippered pouch. Chic simplicity, I would call it! And I suppose you’ll now be wondering whether I had actually bought the bag…? Well, I didn’t, but only because daddy said Alexander Wang isn’t designer enough, and asked me to get something like a Chanel bag instead. Well, I suppose you can say dad is quite “old school” in that sense, and prefers the established designer houses over contemporary designers like Alexander Wang. And perhaps, also because Alex Wang isn’t available in KL, so yeah. I tried reasoning with him, telling him that it’s fully leather, and RM 3000 (after conversion from HKD) for a bag that’s entirely made of leather is VERY reasonable, and that I’m saving him lots of money (well he is, after all, buying it for me) but nope, my efforts were wasted on him. Needless to say, I left the store disappointed, without the Alex Wang bag in tow. And no, I didn’t get a Chanel (not my type of bag — too Lady Chic for me), but got another bag instead.