Adorable Illustrated Moschino Totes!
22 March 2012

Adorable Illustrated Moschino Totes!

By now, I’m sure it’s no big surprise that I’m a HUGE fan of quirky and cutesy bags. Those elements, combined with brilliant cartoon-like illustrations, are a winning combo. The brand that has perfecting the art of all these elements without appearing tacky, is none other than Moschino (and of course, Lanvin! Who doesn’t love Alber’s drawings?)

Everytime I visit the Moschino store to look at their illustrated bags (both sides are printed!), I can never just decide on ONE, because everyone of them is so cute that I just want everything. And no, I’m not a usually fickle person, but I can’t choose because EVERYTHING is adorable. Okay, so some might consider these bags for the younger crowd because these bordering-on-cartoon-characters might appear to be childish to them, but I’m a huge fan of wearing one’s personality on the sleeve, and if you like it, who cares what the world thinks, right? Oh perhaps I should rephrase that to “who cares what the world thinks, as long as I don’t look like fashion roadkill”? Ah, much better.

Anyway, you need to see for yourself how adorable these printed canvas totes are, then perhaps you understand my Moschino predicament (which I go through every season, no kidding) when it comes to these babies…

I’d love to have them both, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the first one 🙂 Which would YOU pick?

Available via Saks for $215. Totally affordable luxury. ‘Nuff said.