YSL Bi-Toned Muse Two - Good enough to eat!
25 March 2012

YSL Bi-Toned Muse Two – Good enough to eat!

Of late, I have become a total YSL fangirl. Not only have I started collecting their Arty rings, but I find myself slowly but surely getting more YSL items (SLGs included) and I probably have a few YSL bags on my wishlist at the moment. Initially, I didn’t quite fancy the Muse Two because I thought that it looked rather too Lady Chic for my liking, but ever since the colour blocked Muse Twos were introduced, I was hooked. Yesterday, while traipsing the boutiques at Pavilion, I headed to YSL and saw the Muse Two in this colour combination – Taupe and bubblegum pink, and my oh my, to say that I drooled over this bag, is quite an understatement.

Though under the boutiques dim lighting, the taupe looked more olive/khaki than this taupe version here, the peekaboo Bubblegum Pink trims just made the bag pop (in a good way, and not in an attention-seeking manner). And when the SA showed me the inside, I fell in love even more because the entire inside was bubblegum pink, an apt name for that particular shade of pink because it felt as though the entire bag was lined with cotton candy! Sure, it may be textured canvas but who cares, it was still too pretty for words. And since there’s more canvas than leather on this bag, it is much easier on the purse strings! Priced at RM 4,600 for a Medium-sized Muse Two, it’s definitely a steal, and a delectable one at that! 😉

Image courtesy of YSL