A Waterproof "Birkin" anyone?
3 June 2011

A Waterproof “Birkin” anyone?

I’m sure that by now we’ve all spotted tonnes of Birkin-inspired and Birkin lookalike bags. Most of us would say that those are rather tacky, and no matter how much it tries to look like the Birkin, it never seems to cut it simply because it’s an impostor.

Well, the difference between these Leghila “Scuba totes” and the scores of other Birkin lookalikes, is that, dare I say, I actually kind of like this version better than the Birkin itself! It’s fun and funky — well I suppose the colours have LOTS to do with this. I’m loving the Turquoise and Pink versions. Made of neoprene (yup, that’s what wetsuits are made of, and hence being named the “Scuba tote”) it retails for € 198.33 at Luisa via Roma