Tod's Wave Bag for FW15
27 August 2015

Tod’s Wave Bag for FW15

I haven’t liked Tod’s bags in a long time because it felt as though they were beginning to cater to a more mature aesthetic – just look to the Sella, Floral, and the Cape bags and you’d get my meaning. But then, I saw this “Wave” bag from the Fall/Winter 15 collection, the main focus for the Fall/Winter 15 season. And I was smitten.  Although available in a multitude of leathers, exotic skins, and furs, my favourites would definitely have to be the colour-blocked versions, and of course, the suede ones with the Gommini (the plural form of Gommino). Does the Gommini sound familiar to you? Well, it’s because they refer to those rubber “dots” that adorn the soles of Tod’s shoes.

Available in 3 sizes – mini, small, and medium – my vote goes to the small-sized one. Yep, and for those of you who know me personally would probably be surprised as I usually prefer roomier and slightly larger bags. Well, for me, the Medium size looks a little too bulbous and rounded, which I really am not a fan of on this silhouette. The mini is well, too tiny for me, and I love the small because it looks the most balanced in terms of shape and size: not too rounded but yet still curvy but also slightly more square.

With its zippers concealed nicely under the flaps which are magnetised so that it sticks well onto the side of the bag, a back pocket and a detachable shoulder strap, the interior also boasts many compartments to organise your stuff in.  I really love the concept of having the option of letting the side flaps stick out – go figure, I’m one of those weirdos who like their bags looking as if they can just about take flight :P. Haha but really, it’s definitely a nice novelty to have, especially when other silhouettes are becoming more and more common these days. But what I don’t really fancy, and never have is top handle bags, simply because they’re such a chore to deal with, especially when you try to unzip/open the bag up because it means your bag is almost always certainly guaranteed to spring itself open, revealing its contents for all the world to see.

For a closer look, here are the Black and baby blue versions.

Images via Tod’s