The New Givenchy Lucrezia
5 August 2013

The New Givenchy Lucrezia

Givenchy is a brand whose bags have a cult following. In fact, I can’t think of any of their bags that has not attained “It” bag-dom – From the Nightingale to the Pandora and then most recently, the Antigona, they are Fashion Editor and Fashion Blogger faves. But somehow, Givenchy’s latest offering, the Boston-shaped Lucrezia, hasn’t really caught on in the way that the others have.

Image via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

I am an Antigona fan through and through (I personally dislike the lop-sidedness of the Pandora) and I am only, at most, lukewarm towards the Lucrezia but I guess for me, it really depends on the colour of the bag. I really like the version below with the colour blocking in the form of racing stripes, but if I had to pick, I would, without a doubt, go with the Antigona.

Image via Purseblog

I really can’t put my finger on why this bag isn’t as well-received. You may think it’s because it’s less edgy compared to the distressed vibes of the Nightingale and the Pandora, but then again, the Antigona which has a structured and more classic, ladylike silhouette (like the Lucrezia) is still one of the most sought after bags today. Well the only reason that I could think of, is that there are too many Boston-shaped bags out there, hence this is just another one in the crowd.  What do YOU think?