Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces The Boxyz Bag
2 July 2019

Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces The Boxyz Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo has debuted their new classic bag, the Boxyz. As its name suggests, it is a structured top handle bag with a squarish silhouette that’s distinctly Ferragamo with the iconic Gancini-shaped top handle, clasp, and attached key fobs. What’s great about this bag, and a feature that we haven’t really seen on other bags, is its lock and key that’s unique for just your bag alone – yep, think of it as carrying around your very own safe that takes the shape and form of a handbag! Genius, isn’t it?

Salvatore Ferragamo Boxyz Bag Size Comparison

Selecting a handbag that will be with you every day is an intensely personal choice. So, when I set out to create a bag worthy of carrying the most essential and cherished items in a modern woman’s life – as well as becoming one of those items – I started by asking the many important women in my life what they care about most in a bag. Every response was as different and diverse as the women who shared them, but there were some common themes; privacy, convenience, strength, beauty and boldness. The boxyz is designed to answer these needs down the last letter – a portable and precious safe space crafted with Ferragamo’s heritage expertise. ~ Paul Andrew ~

The Boxyz comes in 3 sizes, with an especially roomy interior made up of an open compartment, and another zippered compartment for added security. Available in 10 colours, leather, as well as exotic leathers such as ostrich and lizard, eiyh special print-lined editions that will be dropping in stores very soon.


Images and video courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo