#PFW: Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & BAGS Review!
1 March 2013

#PFW: Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2013 Runway & BAGS Review!

The livestream was supposed to begin at 4:15pm Malaysian time, and there I was waiting anxiously in front of my computer. And then around 4:45pm, images of the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2013-14 show began to appear on both my Instagram and Twitter timelines. I was mighty disappointed and a little pissed, to be honest because it’s supposed to be a LIVEstream. I probably raped the refresh button on my browser one too many times, and by 6pm, that’s when I just gave up. I checked the stream again at 7:45pm, and that was when the message appeared on the site : “Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion show video available at 4pm CET, which means 11pm Malaysian time. This is a delayed stream and not a livestream, and they should’ve just said that instead of telling us that the show will be streamed live. I don’t think technical problems were the issue here because Balenciaga has been streaming their show for a couple of seasons now. Sorry for the rant, I am a little upset as you can tell because I wanted to see Alexander Wang’s debut collection for Balenciaga!  Well, I guess better late than never, yea?
But guess what? At 11:52pm still no stream available, this is not even funny.

Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2013 show invite

Usually, most show invites give us a pretty big clue as to what to expect, and this season, Balenciaga certainly did that in more ways than one! Not only was the runway covered in that pattern above which looked a little like broken marble or even shatter nail polish, but the entire theme of the collection as well — Alexander Wang presented a primarily monochromatic collection with the same motif as the season’s main pattern.

As for the bags, only one came down the runway – a small, boxy, structured top-handle which stems from the middle, and compartments on either side, with a hook clasp on the front compartment. Slightly old school in vibe this bag still has that minimalist kinda Balenciaga aesthetic going on, thus demonstrating that Wang is mindful of the brand and clientele he’s designing for. Kudos!

Images via Now Fashion