New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs FW 2011 Collection
15 February 2011

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs FW 2011 Collection

While waiting for the show to begin, the ambience exuded a very Valentine’s Day/Burlesque feel. The room was aglow in shades of red and pink, with sexy saxophone music playing in the background – befitting for a show that was held on V Day. The runway was mirrored, and 6 white patent leather chesterfield-styled columns were erected on the runway (for a glimpse of this, see first pic below). Unlike all other fashion shows which normally don’t start on time (it has become the norm, really), Marc Jacobs began his show 2 minutes early, at 7:58pm EST (8:58am Malaysian time), with Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” as the soundtrack to the whole show.

Marc had certainly gone dotty for Fall/Winter 2011 – it was polka dots galore! Polka dots in various sizes, in the form of pailettes, oversized discs; they were on everything! From the mini berets and gloves, RTW and bags, we were definitely seeing dots EVERYWHERE! Polka dots, lace, pencil skirts, and peplum seemed to be the key themes for MJ’s FW collection. Platform-wedged boots created an edgier vibe to the feminine clothes, creating a perfect combo of hard and soft.
For his evening looks, there were lots of lace, and almost brocade-like floral patterns, comprising mainly of figure-fitting separates in the form of ankle-length high-waisted pencil skirts (instead of your usual dresses, though there were one or two of that). Though that may be so, when looking at his collection in its entirety, it looks as though it was rather heavily Prada-inspired.

Now lets have a look at the bags from MJ’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection below!!

To sum up the bags: top handles, flap bags, and structured. Patent leather, suede and what appears to be velour/fleece (? on the polka dotted bags). My favourite pick? The black clutch with the polka dot “studs”.
What’s YOUR take on the collection?


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