#MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 15 Bags Report
22 September 2014

#MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 15 Bags Report

Whether on clothes or the bags, one thing dominated the sandy muddy-esqye Prada Spring/Summer 15 runway: topstitching. On the ready-to-wear this particular type of stitch stood out the most on pieces which seemed as though they were somewhat unfinished, akin to the chalk that designers use to denote details that are still on the design floor.

This was then also reflected in the bags, with leather pieces overlaid onto leather and nylon, and secured with rather coarse topstitching.

The Verdict: The effect that came across was one of ruggedness, and the sturdy structured shapes, coupled with the numerous earthy shades that matched the dirtroad-esque runway had certainly contributed to this. In fact, the first thought that came to mind when I saw the bags were: “hmm..the designs somehow reminded me of the back pockets on denim jeans”(on some styles more so than the others)…

Images via style.com