#MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 BAGS
24 September 2012

#MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 2013 BAGS

Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway was pretty impressive, with baubles in various shades of steel dangling from the ceiling, and the runway, with arrows on the runway, just like on the invitation this season.

The show finally began at 1pm CET (7pm Malaysian Time), half an hour behind schedule. The show opened with the first model busted through the huge ball on the runway, and from the first look onwards, I was sold. The dresses with the colourblocked geometric lines and the skirts with the front slits that looked more like flaps, it really was the first time that I was more into the clothes compared to the bags, and felt as if I really needed every single piece from that collection (well, maybe except the fur-detailed ones). Perhaps that was partially because the livestream camera didn’t really zoom in on the bags as they came down the runway, well, either that, or the camera really zoomed in at the wrong moments, when the bags were facing away from the camera, so we could only really see the side bits of the bag. But they seemed to do mighty fine when it came to the shoes. Hm, perhaps the cameraperson for the livestream preferred shoes over bags eh? Well I guess this is considered as a minor hiccup because it is, after all, Fendi’s first time livestreaming their show.


Closeup of the 2Jours tote with Transparent side panels and hanging studded cube and pompom bag charms; Image via @graziafashioned Instagram



Closeup of the bag on right above, Image via @graziafashioned
Graphic Fendi Shoulder Bag; Image via @fashion_critic Instagram
Studded Baguettes which remind me a little of the Tod’s Gommino, Via @fashion_critic Instagram



Closeup of Woven Peekaboo (above), Image via @graziafashioned Instagram


Textured Peekaboo with Sequinned details inside, Image via @graziafashioned Instagram



Tote with Baguette slot; Image via @thebaghag Instagram

The Verdict: The bags that came down the runway were classic Fendi staples: the Baguette (of course!  how could there NOT be a Baguette after a revival yes?), 2 Jours, and the Peekaboo, and with cube The Baguette came in many guises – pailettes, and even with the 3-D spherical details ala the balls on the runway’s set. The Peekaboo, on the other hand, sported a cross between basket-weave in bi-colour combinations similar to that of the plastic-coated woven floormats one often sees as cultural centres, and the a sort of checkerboard-esque design. The 2 Jours gets transparent vinyl side panels, and at this point, it’s safe to say that transparent bags have officially become a trend for Spring/Summer next year: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry and now, Fendi! But my favourite bag from the collection, weren’t any of these, but the Tote (similar in style and shape to the ones from Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection , which also happens to be Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite bag from the FW11 collection) which seemed to have a miniature Baguette attached to it on the front! But guess what, take a closer look at the closeup photo above and you’d notice that the transparent bit is actually a slot that locks your Baguette in place!  What an ingenious way of carrying a bag that would take you throughout the day, and when night falls, just leave the tote behind, and take your Baguette with you! Bravo Silvia Venturini Fendi!

Images via Now Fashion, @graziafashioned @thebaghag and @fashion_critic