MCM's FW18 Cassette Capsule Collection
15 August 2018

MCM’s FW18 Cassette Capsule Collection

I’ve never been a fan of the studded logo-ed backpacks, but every once in a while  MCM gives us that much needed dose of quirk that really hits the spot. Remember those Robot Bags? Well this time around, if you’re old *ahem* young enough to remember making mix tapes in high school, whether for your crush, or simply because you wanted a compilation of your favourite tunes from the radio, and then writing the list of tracks on that little manila card that came with blank cassette tape boxes, then the Cassette Collection is gonna give you a serious wave of nostalgia.


Launched as a capsule collection that’s part of the Fall/Winter 18 collection, the collection features well, you guessed it, bags and SLGs that have been turned into colourful cassette tapes, along with a cutesy little vinyl crossbody bag, in case you prefer something even more old-school.

MCM FW18 Cassette Collection Berlin Crossbody

I guess some of you might call it tacky or even cheesy (showed my vinyl-collector friend thinking she’d love it, but instead, she labelled it as such), but I really find them super cute, especially the Berlin Cassette Crossbody bag which looks more like a trunk. Between you and me, it looks waaaay better when carried with the top handle instead of with the strap, because it also kinda reminds me of those metal lunchboxes that I brought along with me to school in my younger days. Well you say cheesy, I say quirky and I’m loving it!


Images: MCM