#LFW: Anya Hindmarch's Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation Video!
27 September 2012

#LFW: Anya Hindmarch’s Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation Video!

While waiting for noteworthy Paris Fashion Week shows in the coming days, here’s a look at Anya Hindmarch’s Spring/Summer 2013 London Fashion Week Presentation.

Anya’s Spring/Summer 2013 invite got everyone wondering what she had in store for us because it featured not only HUGE Marie Antoinette like hair, but a cut out at the back of the pants, which everyone was told to fill up by joining our fingers in a certain way, only to realise that it resembled naked butt cheeks.

Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer 2013 London Fashion Week Invite


Titled “The Anya Hindmarch Pomp & Pleasure Collection”, Anya’s SS13 show was held on 18th September. Inspired by an old music box, a Wurlitzer organ and a pop-up book that depicted the Georgian period that chronicled the scandals of the era.

Made from 2-dimensional paper illustrations, the revolving set included pop-up mechanisms that revealed a lady exposing her boobs due to her corset falling off, along with a couple in bed, and a lady taking a bubble bath, it was refreshingly humorous, and a spectacle on its own. Designed to resemble a double-storey house, each room revealed a different series of the latest SS13 bags. But at the centre of it all, was the key bag for the SS13 season, the Bathurst.

Anya Hindmarch SS13 - The Bathurst Room London Fashion Week LFW
Anya Hindmarch SS13 – The Bathurst Room
Anya Hindmarch SS13 - The Bathurst London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013
The Bathurst


Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer 2013 Revolving Set
The SS13 Revolving Set


The SS13 Revolving Set


Now here’s a look at the Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation at London Fashion Week

The Verdict: When I first saw the Spring/Summer 2013 invite, I had an inkling that it was going to be an extension or continuation of Anya’s Cruise 2013 collection which featured bags printed with aristocratic ladies with watercolour-esque effect from the same period in English history, sporting hair ala Marie Antoinette. My thoughts were confirmed once the SS13 presentation was revealed. The oversized pom-pom tassel detail from Cruise 2013 that resembles curtain tiebacks are reprising their role in the SS13 collection. Also, you watch the video of SS13 London Fashion Week show above, you’d notice that there are also printed bags, but instead of featuring closeup shots of the aristocrats, SS13 playfully captures the bottom-half of the body on the bags this time, particularly the bent leg with the buckle-detailed shoe. While I was utterly devastated that Anya discontinued her printed Blue label bags because I collect them, I’m happy that her quirky prints are making a comeback 🙂

Images courtesy of Anya Hindmarch