Introducing the New Soft Ricky by Ralph Lauren
25 July 2013

Introducing the New Soft Ricky by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s Ricky bag is known to be one of those über-luxe bags, not just in terms of materials and skins, but also craftsmanship and, well, the price. Known for its study structured shape, it was the epitome of understated luxury, and a very tai tai, or Lily Van Der Woodsen sort of bag.

But with the recent introduction of the Soft Ricky, it’s not only more supple, but much lighter and softer compared to its predecessor. Filled with such joie de vivre, it comes in various bright colours and, would appeal to a much younger market. The Soft Ricky is definitely on my wishlist – and probably the first bag this year to go on my wishlist!  In fact, I saw this at the Ralph Lauren Store in Pavilion 2 weeks ago, and the best part about this new addition? It’s HALF the price of the original Ricky bag! I was quite surprised when I was told that it was RM 7,700 (Ricky bags usually retail at a minimum of RM15,000) and even asked the SA whether I heard her right.

All the colours were so gorgeous that I couldn’t decide which I liked, but I suppose Lime Green would and orange would have to be my favourites. Mum did comment that it looked like a cross between a Birkin and the Celine Luggage Tote but I don’t agree! After all, the circular snap closure is THE signature look of Ricky bags (it always has been!). It comes in one size, and sad to say, Pavilion doesn’t have it anymore because they have been sent over to Australia – guessing they’re mighty popular in the land Down Under!  Here’s to hoping that the ones from the Fall collection would be available here!

Image via Ralph Lauren