Introducing: Fendi QuTweets Capsule Collection
24 October 2014

Introducing: Fendi QuTweets Capsule Collection

Fendi introduces the new Qutweets capsule collection for the Holiday season. As you might already have guessed from the name it was given, this collection has something or other to do with birds. More specifically, it was inspired by tropical birds in strong, primary colours like Red, Blue and Yellow – along with the products of the fusion between the primaries (Orange and Green) as part of the palette.

Inspired by the geometric nature of Japanese Origami, the capsule collection features the Peekaboo (with embroidered birds and flowers), Mini Peekaboo, Baguette, Petite2Jours, and Demi Jours.



Mini Peekaboo





Petite 2Jours




Demi Jours

My favourites would have to be the printed versions, not just because I’m not such a big fan when it comes to embroidery, but also because I have a much higher tolerance for cutesy and quirky motifs and prints (okay fine, so I may like them, quite a lot :P).  The DemiJours is my favourite out of all of them because it actually looks like a super adorable bird’s face, and the Petite 2Jours comes in at a close second because it has that artsy fartsy thing going on.

The capsule collection also has a range of small leather goods (SLGs) complete with what appears at first like googly eyes, but upon closer inspection, they’re actually the same kind of studs on the handles of the Fendi’s latest By the Way bags.


Somehow I think of a penguin when I see this one


And of course, there are Bag Bugs versions of these chirpies too with the same studs for eyes as the SLGs above!


Apart from the Qutweets collection being something bright and promising during the dreary winter season it really has been quite a while since Fendi has come up with such adorable designs, so I’m really looking forward to this collection. In fact, I certainly wouldn’t mind the Petite2Jours in both designs as well as the DemiJours.

Will you be getting anything from the collection?

Images courtesy of Fendi