Hermes Toolbox 20 Is Too Cute For Words!
16 November 2011

Hermes Toolbox 20 Is Too Cute For Words!

This is actually in a much brighter shade of green, but due t o the lighting it looks much darker

During my recent trip to Singapore, I spotted this cute little Hermes Toolbox 20. I mean, I’ve seen the Toolbox before (both sizes 26 and 33) and thought it rather large and cumbersome, but when I saw it in this size, I immediately went into the store to check it out. I had a  “touch and feel” session with the bag and tried it on in my arm as well as on the shoulder (it comes with a detachable shoulder strap), and decided that this was too cute to pass. My mum loved it too. So she told the lovely SA that we’d like to purchase it, only to be told that it isn’t for sale, and only for display. Yep, they just rained on our parade. The SA went on to say that they don’t know when they’ll be expecting the shipment, and she also isn’t sure what colour they’d be getting. Mum tried to persuade the lady to sell it to us, but nope, she reiterated these words “I’m sorry it’s for display only”. We left the store mighty disappointed. But then, I had a brilliant idea, well, or so I thought. I immediately emailed the KL store to ask if they had it. Guess what? I was told that the Toolbox (size 20) had already been sold out, and they’re not likely to expect any pieces anymore until further notice, and they’ll call me if they get any in. Before departing for KL, we decided to give the store one last try, this time at Changi Airport, and guess what, “no stock”. Pftt.

Oh well, I’m hoping and praying they do get some in mighty soon.

The Toolbox 20 retails for SGD 8,000++, Toolbox 26 retails for SGD9,400 (not inclusive of GST)