Fendi's Whipstiched By The Way Bag From Resort 2017
28 November 2016

Fendi’s Whipstiched By The Way Bag From Resort 2017

Though I’m not usually a fan of tan and beige-coloured bags, I’m a MASSIVE fan of whipstitched details, and that’s precisely why I am kinda smitten by this By the Way Bag from FENDI’s Resort 2017 collection (and in case you were wondering, yes, I was also in love with the whipstitched Peekaboo from the previous collection, and the floral whipstitched bags from the upcoming SS17 collection!)

The Resort collection is all about romance, hence the flowers (a spillover from the Flowerland Collection) which gives the bag just the right dose of “pop, because without it, the bag would be just another neutral-coloured bag, y’know what I mean? The use of raffia straw to create different small checkered and minuscule circular patterns that form striped panels is yet another clever idea, because from afar, it not only tricks the eye into thinking that it could be snakeskin, but also more importantly, it can be read as a silent nod to the Pequin stripes that are very much a part of the FENDI DNA.

Image courtesy of FENDI