Fendi's IT Bag For Fall/Winter 2012-13: the 2Jours
9 July 2012

Fendi’s IT Bag For Fall/Winter 2012-13: the 2Jours

Fendi’s IT bag for the Fall/Winter season, the 2Jours is a tote bag that is so elegant and simple that is both serious and roomy enough for the office and business meetings, and chic enough for a day out. I’d say it’s the type of bag that exudes a quiet sort of luxury. I mean, hey, we have all encountered attention-seeking designer bags that scream “look at me I’m expensive, can’t you tell?”, and the 2Jours certainly isn’t one of them. Take my word for it because I got up close and personal with the 2Jours bag during Fendi’s Baguettemania and KLCC Store Re-Opening Event and I absolutely loved it! 

Large Croc and Patent 2Jours. Approximately RM 100,000. Also available in black
Calf Leather & Pony Hair Medium 2Jours bag

The 2Jours is available in 2 sizes (medium and large) and can either be worn with the sides opened up for a more casual look, or with the sides tucked in for a more elegant vibe (ala the croc version above) . If you get the large size it’s travel-friendly too! You could also personalise your bag by having your initials embossed on the hangtag that comes with the bag the way Silvia Venturini Fendi (hence SVF).

Geometric patterned backgammon velvet 2Jours Bag, Approx RM 12,000+

And did I mention, it’s already seen on the arms of celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Keira Knightley?

Keira Knightley with her  er, very overstuffed Black Calfskin 2Jours Bag. Click on image to enlarge

Personally, I love totes but this isn’t really my style because it’s too Lady Chic for me. But nonetheless, it’s a practical bag especially for you corporate ladies out there! 😉 
Is the 2Jour your kind of bag? Perhaps you should take a trip to the Fendi boutique to find out! 

Images courtesy of Fendi