Fashion Week (Paris): Louis Vuitton F/W 2010
25 March 2010

Fashion Week (Paris): Louis Vuitton F/W 2010

The Verdict: Well, well well. What can I say about this collection? Those of you who are regular readers would know that a Vuitton fan I am not, but from what I observe, I think Marc Jacobs has made Vuitton’s F/W 2010 a season of reinterpretations.

  • Vuitton’s F/W 2010 collection is can be pretty much considered as exotics galore. Not only were furry bags made of bi-toned fox fur spotted on the runway, but also trimmed with other exotic materials such as croc. Fox fur were also used as trimmings on the wristlets. The ubiquitous Vuitton monogram has also been reinterpreted in metallic canvas with ostrich trims.


  • Reinterpretations of Vuitton monogram and logo. Not only did we see the Vuitton monogram on metallic canvas, but also in a cobweb-like detailled lace overlay on satin.


  • Flap bags. From wristlets and clutches to sling bags and top handles, almost every bag that came down the runway was a flap bag.


  • The Speedy. Vuitton’s iconic Speedy, first introduced in the 1930s, has again been reinterpreted and reissued (notice the trend here?) with a black motif that resembles god-knows-what. The outcome: it looks oddly Addams Family-esque.


  • Doctors Bag. This is perhaps the most tasteful in the collection, with frame-topped old-school Doctors Bags in varying shapes and sizes, be they smaller or slightly rectangular, with a modest and almost nondescript Vuitton logo. These bags, although slightly mature for my liking, ranks on the top of my list where this collection is concerned.

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