Delvaux's Brilliant Magic Ebene For Spring/Summer 18
29 June 2018

Delvaux’s Brilliant Magic Ebene For Spring/Summer 18

Delvaux is not an oft-heard brand that you’d here being thrown around, especially in in KL. In fact, I’ve probably only ever seen 2 ladies with Delvaux bags in my entire lifetime in this part of the world: one had the Brillant, and the other, the Tempete, which honestly, is more suited to my taste.

Belgian-label Delvaux prides itself as the world’s oldest fine leather goods maker. Founded by trunk maker Charles Delvaux in 1829, the brand has truly stood the test of time. Though not a “known” brand here  (it’s a different story in Hong Kong or Singapore), Delvaux is one of those understated brands that oozes a quiet confidence.

Delvaux Brillant Magic MM Ebene SS18

For Spring/Summer 18Delvaux took inspiration from the “colours of the spice route”, hence the introduction of the addition of new colours like vibrant Paprika, cool Turquoise, spicy Saffron and Nakuru (a pastel pink hue). And though you might think these are rather Asian spices, “Nakuru” is actually a Kenyan city, and the collection is actually the murals of the N’débélé tribe of Zimbabwe. But, for this particular Brillant bag – one of the House’s most iconic models – you’d find the surprise on the inside of the bag. If you’re familiar with Delvaux bags, these bags with a playful interior, are called the Brillant MagicLast year, we saw the Brilliant Magic Ivory Rainbow with a white exterior and lilac, nude, and citron interior. This year, it’s all about the dark chocolate shade, hence called the Brillant MM Magic Ebene with the very same spice-infused colours.

Delvaux Brillant Magic Ebene SS18

Available for purchase via Barneys at $8,850.  If dark brown isn’t your colour, it’s also available in white, with metallic leather interior, and in black, with a lilac, nude and citron interior.


Images via Delvaux