Chanel's Top Handle Boy Bag
4 November 2016

Chanel’s Top Handle Boy Bag

While I may appreciate certain pieces from Chanel, they’re not really my style — ask my friends and they’d tell you the same thing. In fact, it was just yesterday, that a friend and I were having a conversation about how Chanel bags weren’t really me at all. Well okay, besides the quirky runway bags like the milk carton, movie camera, and of course, the Chinese doll ones, which I adore! And if you asked me to pick something classic from the Maison, I guess it would have to be the Boy bags because of the chunky hardware and chain.

This season, Chanel has introduced the Top Handle Boy bag, which is, a rather unusual combination because edgier pieces and the top handle don’t really go together. But thanks to the overall vibe, especially the whipstitched details on the handle, it exudes an attitude of a cool chica rather than something *gasps* too mature. What I don’t like about this design, is the fact that the top handle isn’t collapsible because it would look rather weird while worn on the shoulder with the usual chunky chain strap. And because of this, I’d probably grasp the handle in my palm, rather than use the long shoulder strap. Yes, sometimes, I’m guilty of being all about how it looks, rather than how practical it is, heh. Also, top handle bags aren’t too practical because I don’t like the idea of your entire bag springing open with all the contents within in full view for everyone to see. What I do love about this Boy is the tone-on-tone hardware, and the engraved quilted background closure against which the interlocking Cs rest, is a nice finishing touch.

Do you prefer the regular Boy, or this Top Handle version?

Image via Chanel