Anya Hindmarch "Reyes"
25 March 2011

Anya Hindmarch “Reyes”

The “Reyes” is my favourite bag from Anya Hindmarch’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. In fact, that was the FIRST and ONLY bag that caught my eye when I went for Anya Hindmarch’s “Prosperity Tea” event at the KLCC boutique on February 28th.
The “Reyes” is a very stylish tote, or what in local terms, would be considered as “stylo mylo”. Of course, Anya isn’t as popular as the mainstream designer brands (especially in Malaysia) but I have always been a fan. AH bags are those slighty under the radar bags that look good on the shelf, and look even better when you “put them on”, so to speak. Two words sum up all Anya bags: Effortless chic.

The Reyes retails for RM 4k++ (if I remember correctly!) and is made of a combination of suede, leather, with stingray details on the handle, and comes with a detachable strap. However, the only downside is that when toting it in your arm, the bag is off-balance — the top sort of tilts forward because it is top-heavy. I would otherwise have purchased it, but I still LOVE the design and the combination of materials!

How the Reyes looks on the arm