Alexander Wang's Debut Handbag Line for Balenciaga!
2 August 2013

Alexander Wang’s Debut Handbag Line for Balenciaga!

The Fall/Winter 2013 collection marks Alexander Wang’s debut as Creative Director for Balenciaga. H Having several bags that have made it into the “It” category under his own label, he certainly is no stranger when it comes to bag design – I mean, any of us can probably spot an Alex Wang bag from a mile away thanks to his famed Studded bases – hello, Rocco, Rockie, Diego, anyone? And with the stud details on Balenciaga’s motorcycle bags by former Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere, we’d be expecting more studs from Wang, yes?

Le Dix Cartable in Forest Green


Le Dix Cartable in Black

Well, not quite. In fact, not at all. Alexander Wang’s debut handbag line for Balenciaga is called “Le Dix” (translation: The Ten), paying homage to the original Balenciaga salon on 10 Avenue George V in Paris, as well as the first ever fragrance that the Maison ever created. And guess what? What the Le Dix collection is, is sleek, streamlined and subtle, and closer to the newer Pelican bags from his own label. In short, his Balenciaga bags are the total opposite of the chunky, edgy bags that Wang is best known for. Boxy and structured, and mostly top-handled, this is a nod towards the designs during the 1940s by founder Cristobal Balenciaga himself.


Le Dix Cartable in Pearl Grey


Le Dix Pochette

Do you think this fits well into the Balenciaga aesthetic? Yay or Nay?

Images courtesy of Balenciaga