The Winner of the Cambridge Satchel Giveaway Is....
3 November 2013

The Winner of the Cambridge Satchel Giveaway Is….

Thanks to all who participated in the Bag Addicts Anonymous 4th Anniversary Giveaway, and to The Bag Deli for sponsoring this giveaway!

Now, before announcing the winner, here’s why some of you, who got the correct answer  didn’t win. The rest of the contest details weren’t just in that poster we posted up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As noted on the poster, you were supposed to check either The Bag Deli’s website or this blog post for further details about the contest, and the failure to complete all steps would result in disqualification. It was hence rather frustrating to see some of you with the correct answers weren’t qualified because you didn’t read the blog post.

So you either didn’t:

  1. send me an email with your details after submitting your entries.
  2. Share this blog post at all – one of the terms was that the more you share, the higher your chances of winning
  3. Didn’t hashtag – I know there was some confusion because the poster stated #bagaddictanonxbagdeli while the post stated #bagaddictsanonxbagdeli so as a result, as long as you had one of those (including the completion of all the steps in the blog post), you’d qualify
  4. Repost the POSTER (for those who participated on Facebook). Instead, you “Shared” the image.

Now, the big reveal to the question – which bi-colour 13″ Cambridge Satchel we were giving away is…. C (Coral & White!). Some of you emailed me with questions about not having bi-colour satchels, only batchels, while other avid Cambridge Satchel fans said that the brand didn’t produce satchels with white colour combos. Well, that’s because, they’re not to be found on their website – they’re ASOS exclusives! Meaning, that these bi-colour satchels are only available exclusively via ASOS and once they’re sold out, they won’t be reproduced! 😉 So yes, this as a Limited Edition Cambridge Satchel that The Bag Deli so very kindly sponsored as your prize!

And now, the winner, who got picked because she had the most shares, not only on Instagram, but she shared it via all the social media channels used for this contest (including Facebook and Twitter) ….


Congrats to Suzanna Ng!! I will be emailing you soon for further details to redeem your prize!

Thanks again to all who participated and stay tuned for more giveaways to come! ;D