The Hottest Bags of 2012: The Designer Edition
31 January 2013

The Hottest Bags of 2012: The Designer Edition

Last year (well December, actually, lol) I did a post for Tongue in Chic titled “The Best Bags of 2012” which comprised bags that ranged from luxury, mid-designer and even high street being thrown into the mix. For this post, I’ve kept some and omitted some, so here’s the edited version for the blog, the entirely Designer Edition featuring the HOTTEST bags of 2012. 

Not really my kind of style but Prada’s Galleria Tote made it into 2012’s “Hottest” list simply because of its sheer popularity. In fact, whenever I go, I just keep seeing more and more ladies toting this little lady in their arms. Whether for the office or lunching with your besties, it’s the perfect all-around bag. In short, this tote’s no-frills minimalist design oozes with elegance and a quiet sense of luxury that isn’t at all show-offy and blatantly in-your-face. Available at Prada KLCC and Pavilion. Prices range from RM 6,600 to 8,800, depending on size.

Many have compared the Céline Luggage Tote to the Pashli satchel, but to me, they really aren’t similar in any way. Sure, the sides of both bags flare out towards the top, but that’s really where their similarities end. The Pashli is a favourite amongst fashion bloggers and coincidentally, this also happens to be one of the many bags at the top of my wishlist. It comes in myriad of colours, and even with a mini version! A true contemporary classic!
Available in maroon and black at the Club 21 Multilabel Store, Pavilion KL for RM4,190.

Though the Boy has been around for quite some time now, it only just started gaining momentum this year. Few are available in KL at a time, while across the causeway in Singapore, all the Boy bags are sold out. In comparison, the iconic Classic Flap and 2.55 are more sophisticated, but there’s just something about the Boy that oozes that youthful cool-school je ne sais quoi.
Available in a variety of leathers in Small (RM12,190) and Medium (RM14,200) at Chanel, Suria KLCC.

I literally squealed with delight when I saw this Studded Duck clutch coming down Burberry Prorsum’s Autumn/Winter 2012 runway. Well, of course it also comes in the fox and dog head version but the duck is a personal favourite because it strikes the perfect balance between cutesy and badass. A true collector’s piece that will still remain relevant years from now!
This runway piece is available at Burberry, Pavilion KL for RM 12,295

Yet another wildly popular range of bags, 2012 is definitely the year of the Rockstud. With its ability to strike a balance between feminine and edgy, the Rockstud collection has been one of the most coveted bags of 2012 and is a must-have for every fashionista. Not only are they my personal favourites of the year, but these bags were also seen multiple times in almost every single episode of the last season of Gossip Girl.
Available at Valentino, Star Hill Gallery. Depending on the design, prices range from RM6,000 to RM10,000 and above.

Ever since Mila Kunis became the face of the Miss Dior bag, the only way that this bag seems to be going is onwards and upwards on the fashion radar. Mila’s persona has breathed new life into this little missy, and just like her Black Swan character, the bag is now considered as classy, chic, and elegant. Between you and me, I’d gladly choose this over the 2.55 any day, due to the understated luxury that it exudes!
Available in Lambskin at Dior, Star Hill Gallery. Miss Dior comes in two sizes: Small (opt for either a short or long chain shoulder strap) and Large (only short chain strap available). Prices are RM 11,800, RM13,000 and RM13,300 respectively.

Inspired by pieces from the Coach archives, the Legacy collection was probably the best thing that ever happened to Coach. Gone are the monograms and in its place, the most supple leathers in the brightest hues imaginable. With its playful tassels, the Penny Shoulder Purse is a fun small bag that easily take you from day to night. For day, wear it cross-body style or on the shoulder; for night, just undo the strap and watch it transform into a clutch. Don’t be fooled by its size, because it’s roomy enough for all necessities! Available in various colours at Coach for RM 1,000.

Since its launch in late-2011 as part of Bulgari’s Autumn/Winter collection, the small Seprenti shoulder bag (that converts into a clutch) it has been a favourite amongst celebs as well as a haute favourite on the set of Gossip Girl, in various different colours on different characters – first spotted in Season 5 on Beatrice Grimaldi, and then in Season 6 on Serena and Sage. And, of course, Bulgari doesn’t fail to incorporate its fine jewellery heritage into its leather goods: the enamelled snake head clasp actually comes with glimmering green bejewelled malachite eyes. As this year marks the beginning of the Year of the Snake on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, I’m sure that it will only become even more popular this year.
Available in metallic Gold calfskin at Bulgari, Pavilion KL for RM 5,950

The Antigona is another bag that had been spotted dangling from many a Fashion Editor’s arms during Fashion Week. The structured and Lady Chic tote overflows with elegance. Not a fan of that sorta look? No problem, just choose a striking colour combo like the one from the Pre-Spring 2013 collection shown above and you have yourself a whole different look!
Available at Givenchy Pavilion KL, in Small (RM6,950) and Medium (RM7,450).

Images courtesy of Bulgari, Givenchy, Coach, Dior, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Valentino, and Burberry

Other images via Prada and Purseforum