Spotted: BAGS on Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 8 "Its Really Complicated"
8 December 2012

Spotted: BAGS on Gossip Girl Season 6 Episode 8 “Its Really Complicated”

It’s Gossip Girl Saturday again. Sigh, it really saddens me that there are just 2 episodes of GG left before the entire series comes to an end… but let’s not mourn just yet because here are all the BAGS from this week’s Gossip Girl Episode (Season 6 Episode 8) “It’s Complicated”. I have to say though, that what this episode lacked in terms of bags, it certainly made up for in terms of plot! But then again, it IS after all the Thanksgiving episode where “arrests have been made, and divorces filed” as Dan succinctly summed up past Thanksgivings in GG Land. 

First up, Blair, pictured here in this scene when she was speaking to Nate about Chuck’s depression..

The Gossip Girl stylists are starting to pick bags by shoemakers. Last week, it was Christian Louboutin’s “Sweet Charity” bag,  and this week, it’s shoe darling Roger Viver’s Sac Prismick from the current Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I really love the geometric shapes on this bag because somehow it just makes it unlike any other. I’d even go as far as to call it architectural. In fact, when you look at the bag’s side profile it actually curves outwards towards the middle in a convex manner. I’ve picked another colour variation for the Sac Prismick below, also in suede and from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Retail price: €2200

And here is Sage’s friend with a bag which needs no introduction: The Hermès Birkin 35cm in Rouge with palladium hardware. 

As for Serena, we have yet another Valentino bag (another of the popular brands featured in this season’s GG epsiodes), and this time its the crystal embellished shoulder bag – which I like to refer to as Rockstones, the luxe version of the Rockstuds – from the Runway collection.

The Verdict:

Fave Bag in this Episode: Blair’s architectural Roger Vivier Sac Prismick of course!

Favourite Moment: 
When Lily joined the Chuck alliance and revealed to Chuck that she had actually examined Bart’s microfilms (the ones she set on fire) with Cece’s diamond loop

OMG Moment:
Dan Humphrey doing a Jenny on the Upper East Side bunch by releasing the “Serena” chapter because he will never BE an INSIDER in THEIR world. The most ridiculous part was when Dan said that he loves Serena. Er, newsflash dude, you don’t do these kinda things to the one you love. Perhaps you’re taking the saying “you always do things to hurt the ones you love the most” too literally eh…?

Next OMG moment? When Dan told Rufus that he was too kind, which is why Lily doesn’t respect him. Er, sorry but I missed that memo Lonely Boy because do you think they actually RESPECT you after what you’ve done?

I have to say, Bart approaching Dan and giving him his business card. Looks like Dan is going to form an alliance with Bart after all. And since Nate’s fraudlent Spectator accounts, looks like he, too, will be forced turn against his friends (especially Chuck) to ensure that he doesn’t end up in prison just like his father.

Images courtesy of Valentino, and Roger Vivier