Spotlight On: The Making of Loewe's Latest Hammock Bag
12 July 2016

Spotlight On: The Making of Loewe’s Latest Hammock Bag

Since the Loewe Hammock Bag blogpost I wrote some months back seems to be one of the popular posts on the blog, I thought I’d also show you how this bag is made, and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into it. 😉

The prototype templates and patterns are first made according to scale, with details of the measurements, proportions and other details. The leather is then laser cut at Loewe’s factory just outside of Madrid – the only facility in the world (apart from exotic skins) where they are sent to be cut during the pre-production process. Every single piece of leather is then separated, split, eluded, stitched, and embossed with the logo before assembling the bag with the exact same tools used by the artisans in the past.

The edges are then hand-painted using a  6-step process (called the lujado: the edge is first prepared, then painted several times over, limed, heated, and then finally, finished off with an application of alcohol to complete the process.

The artisans then assemble the bag, and sew some of the pieces, and handmade pieces, and adding the hardware, interior lining, and removable strap.

And then ta-da! the bag is complete! 🙂

Now check out this blogpost to get an idea of its shape-shifting versatility!

Images courtesy of Loewe