Love It Or Hate It: Chanel's Denim Flap Bag
26 October 2016

Love It Or Hate It: Chanel’s Denim Flap Bag

If there was a word that I could use to describe this Denim Flap bag from the Fall/Winter 16 collection, it would be #epicfail. Yes, I know that it was one of the featured bags in Chanel’s FW adverting campaign. That said, the more distressed, borders in a lighter shade of denim looks like someone painted over them. Perhaps Karl was going for a grungier and younger look but it just looks like 50 shades of Flap Bag Gone Wrong. In short, it just looks really cheap (of course, the price tag reads otherwise), and worse still, it looks like a fake.

How do YOU feel about this?

Image via Chanel