The New Bulgari Serpenti
19 August 2014

The New Bulgari Serpenti

I’ve loved Bulgari’s Serpenti bag ever since it was introduced as part of the leather goods collection (of course, I always prefer the brighter jewel-toned versions). Truth be told, I prefer this waaay more than a classic Chanel flap or reissue, because it’s quite a rare occurrence to spot someone with one, so it’s rather fresh, compared to the sea of Chanels (both authentic and inspired pieces) that everyone seems to either have, or lust after.

And for Fall/Winter 2014, Bulgari has upped its game even more but introducing 2 new lines (the Icona 10 and Serpenti Scales) but also a Serpenti with intricate origami-like details. I’ve seen and played with this bag during a recent trip to Singapore, and let me tell you this: it’s even more gorgeous (both the details and Vermillion-esque colour) in the flesh.


I have just one thing to say about the  Serpenti bags, well,  no wait, in fact this is true about most of Bulgari’s bags: understated perfection.
I can’t wait to see what other bags Bulgari will be delighting us with next season!

Images courtesy of Bulgari