The Craftsmanship Behind Burberry's TB Bag
5 June 2020

The Craftsmanship Behind Burberry’s TB Bag

With its distinctive Thomas Burberry 24 carat plated gold logo as its clasp, Burberry‘s TB Bag is quickly becoming one of the brand’s signature pieces. Today, we take you behind the seams (pun intended), and delve into the craftsmanship of this sturdy and boxy calf leather shoulder bag that comes with either a detachable leather or chain strap.

Burberry TB Bag Stencil Template

Burberry TB Logo 24 carat Gold Plated

Made up of a total of 28 pieces of refined leather handpicked by Burberry’s leather artisans, the leather is chrome-tanned with the utmost care to ensure that no fading or bleeding occurs, and finished with hand-painted edges. Now, here’s a closer look at how the entire bag is made from start to finish, from precise machine stencilling of the template and leather cutting, to stitching and  hot stamping of the logo and finally,  the piecing together of every single element to become the TB bag.


Image and video courtesy of Burberry