Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Trifolio Bags
23 March 2020

Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Trifolio Bags

Salvatore Ferragamo has launched a new family of bags, called the Trifolio. No matter their shape or style, all of these bags share one thing in common: three distinct compartments, each with their own closure, and of course they’re distinctively Ferragamo with the Gancini clasp.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoulder Bag Black White Bicolour

Intended at first to be a seasonal piece, the Trifolio shoulder bag was introduced as part of the Pre-Spring 2020 collection. But, because of its popularity, it has now grown into an entire range of bags for Spring/Summer 2020, with the addition of other silhouettes and sizes, including spacious totes, square day bags, and hand-sized evening bags in several leathers as well as woven fabric finishes, and even meshed rattan which is perfect for summer!

Salvatore Ferragamo Trifolio Green Square bag

The Trifolio is a concept I had been thinking about for a while – a bag divided into three compartments to make for easy organisation and more efficient use of space – and which I first introduced for the Pre-Spring 2020 collection. The feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive: they’ve encouraged us to expand the concept into different sizes and bag-typologies. What we have learned is that women really appreciate carrying a bag that looks elevated and fashion forward, but which also offers functional versatility. With the Trifolio you can organise what you need for the day in an efficient and useful way: maybe you’re carrying a contract for work, a battery for your phone, a purse, a set of clothes for yoga class – with the Trifolio you can put all these elements – or any you choose – in the same bag, but also individually packed. It turns what might be a two-bag situation into a one bag situation – and that’s what our customers are saying they love about it, along with the design of the bags themselves, of course! ~ Paul Andrew, Creative Director ~


Images courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo