Prada Silk Foulard Bags from Cruise 2010
16 January 2010

Prada Silk Foulard Bags from Cruise 2010

Well it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of colours and prints, and when I saw these babies on Prada’s Fashion Week Cruise 2010 runway, I was ecstatic. Since I knew that the Prada boutiques here in KL already had some Cruise and S/S 2010 stuff in stores (this was at the end of December), I immediately got my butt over to the flagship at Pavilion, but left soon after, disappointed. Why? Well, not only because they didn’t know what I was looking for, and looked at me as though I didn’t know what I was talking about, or rather, having hallucinations about this “non-existent” silk bag. After much thorough explanation on my part that no, I wasn’t looking for the version in Saffiano (the only available prints from Cruise 2010 available were not in silk, but in their signature Saffiano leather, and rather dull-coloured), and yes, the silk version exists because I saw them on the Cruise 2010 runways at Fashion Week. Defeated, the salesperson relented and tried to pacify be by telling me that those were probably runway-only exclusives. At this point, it was obvious that he didn’t even know that these bags existed, giving me the “what-nonsense-are-you-talking-about” look, I left the shop rather pissed.

Bah, in actuality, they weren’t runway exclusives as I was told, just that it was unavailable in Malaysia because if they were strictly runway pieces, then can someone explain to me why Barney’s has them stocked? Anyway, check out these babies below:

Foulard Tootsie Bag – Matiche


Foulard Tootsie Bag – Light Grey

Both are made of silk with a top zip and saffiano lather trims. They retail for $1,195 each at Barneys