#PFW: Chanel's FW16 Runway & Bags Report
10 March 2016

#PFW: Chanel’s FW16 Runway & Bags Report

After all of Karl’s spectacular show sets, this season Karl kept it very minimalistic. With brushed matte gold chairs arranged in such a way that everyone got to sit front row, and save for a few mirrors here and there, this setup was reminiscent of the old collection presentations where designers showcased their latest designs for their most important clientele. The only difference: models did not hold numbered cards as they strutted down the runway.

For some reason, Karl styled the bags camouflaged against the looks, and if viewed from afar, it would have been rather difficult to notice that there were any bags on the models at all! Tweed seemed to be his favourite material to work with for Fall/Winter 16. The 2.55 looked as if it had a Chanel hanger clipped onto the bag (you know, those clip-on hangers you use for skirts), and Choupette also makes an appearance in the print of the season, featuring the Camellia, a four-leaf clover, a peace sign, and of course, the interlocking Cs. And then there’s a rather bulbous flap bag with criss-cross sides ala bustier fastenings, and tech cases that can be carried cross body, or clutched under the arm. In short, apart from the 2.55 on hanger bag and the quirky thread spool bag, the collection was rather, well, “blah” for me.

Images via Vogue Runway