Paris Fashion Week: Chanel's Fall/Winter 14 Bags!
7 March 2014

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel’s Fall/Winter 14 Bags!

Last season, Karl chose to emulate an Art Gallery. For Chanel’s Fall/Winter 14 show, Karl turned the Chanel runway into a supermarket, complete with pasta, milk, water and all sorts of confectionery and food items as props. Yes, in Chanel packaging, no less. And oh, like every supermarket, there was a DIY section as well, featuring Chanel chainsaws.. yes, you’d have thought that it was a thing Tom Sachs created, but looks like Karl has turned that into a reality!

Models came down the runway (oh pardon me, I meant, supermarket aisles) with bags and small accessories in shopping baskets and trolleys. The only difference? They were dressed in uber-chic Chanel clothes from next season. Karl even created a Milk carton bag and a hard-cased clutch with long strap that looks like an egg tray to play up the supermarket theme.

Lagerfeld brings back Chanel No.5 in a BIG way, and infusing them into the runway collection too… Presenting The Chanel No. 5 bags…

The Boys….

How would you like your Chanel flap bag wrapped up like poultry?

Instead of an inner flap on the flap bag, it comes with a drawstring and a handle if you’d like to carry your bag with the flap open….


Pretty clutch that reminds me of a candy wrapper



How about a candy-esque clutch and a tweed Boy covered in “5”, the double C logo, and the camelia?


How about a Chanel shopping trolley for marketing?



Got Milk?


How about a Chanel egg carton bag?

MAD MAD MAD LOVE for this Boy!!

The Verdict: Love the kitschy, whimsical and playful vibe this collection elicits! LOVE! Definitely a much more youtful collection in terms of colour palette and design, And I’m lusting for that Boy with the pearl embellishments! And oh, now that Marc Jacobs has left Vuitton, gone are the battle of the show sets. Chanel’s show sets would be something we’d be looking forward to every season from now on!

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