#NYFW: Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2013
16 February 2013

#NYFW: Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2013

Due to certain goods being held up at customs, the Marc Jacobs show finally took place yesterday, on the final day of New York Fashion Week. The moment one entered the show venue, it felt like the Marc Jacobs show space was set ablaze, bathed in yellow light that emanated from the bright round circle, which resembled sunset. Not only was the runway and the seats were set up in a circular manner, the bright yellow “sunset” really reminded me of the set of the musical, Miss Saigon. 

As usual, Marc began his show on time, and for the first half of the show, the models came down the circular runway in yellow/sepia-esque lighting. At first, I was baffled as to why Marc would do such a thing because we couldn’t really see the colours of the clothes and how they actually looked because they were kinda distorted by the lighting. In what seemed like a flash, the models walked back to where they emerged from, as though the show had ended. But of course, Marc knew better. And out came the models again, this time, with fluorescent light that allowed us to see every detail on the clothing. It was only then that we realised that the shimmering sequinned ensembles for fall, in various shades of grey and metallic silver but not quite in the 50 Shades sense because from the netted gloves and identical jet black shaggy hairdos that all the models seemed to have, it was apparent that the designer was going for that Glam Rock sorta vibe. Oh there was a surprising moment when a model strutted out topless and in nothing but hot pants, with her hand shielding her naked boobs.

The Verdict: I was slightly disappointed at the lack of an accessories camera which allows us to take a closer look at the shoes and bags that accompanied the looks that up until this point, had been a staple in every MJ and MbMJ livestream. Fall/Winter 2013 also looks as if it’s the season that Marc has abandoned the headgear which, for many seasons now, he seemed to be doing. But then again, I guess the headgear that MJ had in mind for this FW13 collection was of a different sort, and that of the shaggy wig variety. As for the bags, they seemed to have been scaled down in size, in line with this year’s “small bags” trend. Whether it was in tweed or with the diamond-shaped motif that resembled the netted gloves and the prints on the clothes, the bags glimmered under the light with sequinned details. While the bags were certainly sparkly and in every aspect, oozed luxury, the flap bags with the slightly trapezoid-esque silhouette that dominated the runway felt a little too mature for my liking.

Images via Style.com