#MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 17 Runway and Bags Report
24 September 2016

#MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 17 Runway and Bags Report

Ahhh! Fendi’s Spring/Summer 17 collection was an amalgamation of elements from 2016 florals from SS16 (think Fendi Flowerland, but more ethereal, refined, and romantic florals) and hints of the wave and scalloped edges from FW16. Tried and tested, and if it works, why not innit?

I have to say, that Fendi’s SS17 collection is my favourite from Milan Fashion Week thus far. It’s really a rare occurrence for me to like both the Ready-to-Wear AND the bags from the same designer/label, but this time around, I find myself liking them equally as much, and if you were to ask me to pick between the clothes and the bags, I’d have a super hard time doing so! Stripes, too, are a big part of this collection, and if there’s something you probably don’t know about me, is that I absolutely love stripes, particularly of the Breton variety. Perhaps the thing that really did it for me and made me love the collection as much as I do is because the pastel colour palette remind me of macarons! If I were to be clichéd, I’d say the collection is made of sugar, spice, and everything nice! Okay, I’ve probably overused my exclamation point quota in this paragraph itself, but do forgive me because that’s just how much I love the collection…

Now on to the bags!


 The Fendi Monster has evolved into one with a floral “face” and reflective eyes



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Dotcom bag with less wavy quilting for SS17



Loving the floral silk whipstitch!

Ah, it’s times like these that I really wish Fendi had jumped on the #buynowseenow bandwagon because I really really can’t wait to see several of these bags in stores! My absolute favourites are the powder pink Peekaboo bag with the whipstitch details (ala FW16, but this time with silk floral motif whipstitch), the powder pink By The Way with the orange piping and spikes on the handles, and Double Baguette with the perforated bow motif. I was also one who never really liked the furry pom poms but due to the dual colour, it really gives it a three-dimensional effect, and looks almost pinecone-like in its formation. LOVEEEEE!! Oh and I’ve also never been one to jump onto the straps bandwagon but Fendi has just converted me this season! Take all my money Fendi, because there’s nothing in this collection that I don’t like!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

Images via Vogue Runway