Introducing Valentino's B-Rockstud
21 July 2015

Introducing Valentino’s B-Rockstud

Let me introduce you to Valentino’s latest variation of the Rockstud, the B-Rockstud as part of the Fall 2015 collection. However, contrary to its namesake as an extension of the Rockstud family, there are very few of the pyramidical studs that we have all come to love (or hate). In fact, there are only about 6 studs that are camouflaged by the gold hardware pieces – 2 on the clasp, and 2 on each side atop the flap, from which the gold chain shoulder strap emerges. The fewer studs give it a very different vibe altogether. The result is a much more polished and lady-esque bag, instead of the more fun (or badass but still oh-so-glam look, depending on the colour). This is definitely a toned-down, and some may say, more elegant and subdued version of the original Rockstud collection. Although this may be so, I still don’t love it any less. In fact, my favourites are the one with black and white stripes, and that luscious dark green leather version.  Oh, and for the multicoloured striped leather B-Rockstud, it’s actually a leather patchwork utilising leather strips (made of 12 different colours in total) sewn together onto a single surface unlike the multicoloured chevron motif of the 1973 collection that was printed onto the leather.

The Multicoloured B-Rockstud Stripe bags are available in 2 different colour combinations.
A brighter version as in the first photo above 
A darker, earthier version as in this photo 
My favourite piece in Emerald grained leather 


My other favourite, in a monochromatic version


Or even a leopard-print one in Calf-Hair

Other solid colours also available (Black and white) or in Metallic leather.

Images courtesy of Valentino