Introducing: Danse Lente Bags
15 November 2018

Introducing: Danse Lente Bags

With its designs inspired by modern architecture, London-based women’s accessories and leather goods label Danse Lente (translation: “slow dance” in French) creates bags that you certainly won’t find anywhere else. Superbly handcrafted by artisans using traditional techniques, what I love most about their bags are their interesting take on conventional shapes, which make them really unique and interesting. Despite applying a rather geometric approach to their designs when tweaking classic bag silhouettes, the bags come off  as somewhat artistic, yet minimalistic at the same time.

Danse Lente FW18 Johnny
Danse Lente FW18 Margot
Danse Lente FW18 Phoebe
Danse Lente FW18 Phoebe Bis
Phoebe Bis
Danse Lente FW18 Bobbi Bucket and Zoe box bag
Bobbi Bucket and Zoe Box

With Danse Lente, whether it’s a bucket, tote, or shoulder bag, it isn’t just yet another of the same type of bag with slight variations. Instead, all of their bags come with an interesting design detail of sorts that instantly changes the look and feel of the bag entirely: their signature keyhole strap featuring keyhole-shaped holes (which the brand calls “sam browns”) into which the rivets are slotted into for your desired length. Trust me, it’s like having several bags in one, especially the Young tote or the Zoe box bag, which are my favourites, even though the accordion-styled Phoebe is their most popular. Now, before you go on thinking that this is some sort of sponsored post, I promise you that it isn’t. I’m just really enamoured over its transformational nature which I have termed as its “morphing abilities” because I’ve really never seen anything like them, and believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time analysing bags. Oh, and you know what the best part is about these bags? At approximately $300-500 each, they’re accessible and affordable too!


Images: Danse Lente

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