Hermès 2002 Bag in "Sieste au Paradis" Silk and Swift Calfskin
15 April 2019

Hermès 2002 Bag in “Sieste au Paradis” Silk and Swift Calfskin

Ah, what a great way to chase the Monday blues away with this Sieste au Paradis version of the Hermès 2002 Bag from the Spring/Summer 19 collection.

I know a lot of you have mentioned to me that despite its similar boxy, structured shape and style, you’d still prefer the Constance any day. Personally, though, and yes I’ve said this before, but I’d say it again – I prefer this 2002 over the Constance. Perhaps it has to do with my love for modernist art, so I really love how the H clasp is rounder and fatter, giving it a more modern, contemporary vibe. But, this design element aside, can we just take a moment to appreciate the intensity of  colours of this silk-printed 2002 bag?

I mean… the mountainous pink landscape with vibrant lush greenery against a bright orange backdrop? This, to me, is the stuff dreams are made of. Or, if viewed through the lens of a social media filter, it’s certainly the kind of colours that many travel influencers are using to filter their images, to turn those photos into dreamscapes. Well, this is way better, because it’s not merely a filter, but a work of art in itself.

SO.MUCH.LOVE for this beauty right here.


Image courtesy of Hermès