Hermès 2002 Bag: Available For Purchase Online!
2 July 2018

Hermès 2002 Bag: Available For Purchase Online!

For the first time everHermès has made a handbag available for purchase online! At this point you’re probably going “whaaaat?! For reals??” Yep, I kid you not, this is truly a groundbreaking move from the Maison indeed, where the sale of bags are protected and so scarce that you don’t even get to see them up close in the boutiques most of the time. Sure, you’d get to see them in store, get all excited thinking you’ve lucked out, and then you see those words “For Display Only”. But this all comes to an end with this 2002 Bag, which debuted as part of their Resort 2018 collection.

Hermes 2002 Bag Asphalte Gris

Although structurally similar in style and shape to the iconic Constance, the 2002 comes with a different H logo clasp, which is rounded off, and more modern, if you will. For those of you who’ve had trouble getting your hands on a Constance, I guess this would also make the cut, given their similarities on the exterior.

Perhaps one of the significant differences between this and the Constance is  the way the strap is attached to the bag: for this, each end of the strap is attached to the hardware on top of the bag, while for the latter, it’s looped through the hardware atop the flap. The adjustable strap also allows for crossbody wear, should you prefer having your hands free. While both have an accordion-style side-profile with 2 main compartments, the 2002 has an additional interior zippered pocket.

Hermes 2002 Bag Bleu Brighton Interior View

The 2002 bag comes in 2 sizes, in Evercolor calfskin: 20, and 26 cm. The 20cm comes in three coloursMagnolia (Pink), Asphalte Gris, and Bleu Brighton, while the larger 26cm size comes only in Rouge Cassaque, and Asphalte Gris. Retailing online at ($9,200) which means it’s almost the same price as the Constance Mini, and $10,200 for the larger version.

What I really love about this bag is the more modern “H” clasp detail, oh and my preferred colour would definitely have to be what else, other than Magnolia? heh. But, I hope the H fairies would make this 2002 bag available in Rose Pourpre or Anemone – 2 of my fave colours. Colour talk aside, could this be H’s way of “democratisation” and making their bags more accessible?

Well, I guess the argument could go both ways. Some of you might lament the fact that this is a surefire way of eventually diluting exclusivity, but as for me, I’m really loving the idea of Hermès making their bag available for online purchase. What about you…?


Images via Hermès