Fendi's Kan I Bag - The New It Bag?
13 February 2017

Fendi’s Kan I Bag – The New It Bag?

Fendi’s “Kan I” (to be read as Can I) bag is the popular choice for fashionistas this season. Just head to any Fendi store, and you’d find that this bag is either sold out, or very low in stock. Though I love studs in most shapes and forms, I actually found this bag a little to “blah” for my liking. Some have commented that they don’t like the idea of mixed metals on the bag, deemed as a “no-no” because it’s one of the unspoken cardinal rules when accessorising. Personally, I have no problems with mixing metals, because I often mix up gold and silver when I wear my accessories anyway. I just found it a little too plain and minimalist for my liking. But all that literally flew out the window when I saw the bag in this gorgeous colour and it’s now on my shortlist for the perfect pink bag because I’ve been looking for one for ages. I don’t know if I’m a little hasty in my declaration, but peeps, I might’ve possibly found THE ONE!  They don’t have this colour in any of the Fendi stores in KL, but I found it here on Net-a-Porter, so, should I?


Here’s little Fendi Trivia to go along with this blogpost: Do you know that apart from the authenticity labels (which can be easily faked these days), Fendi bags come with RFID labels – a preemptive measure towards anti-counterfeiting

Image courtesy of Fendi