Fad Or Cult Classic: Bulgari's Serpenti Shoulder Bag
30 November 2012

Fad Or Cult Classic: Bulgari’s Serpenti Shoulder Bag

Originally published on Tongue in Chic, 29 November 2012


Holy smokes, it’s a Slytherin bag! Got you Potter-heads excited for a bit there, didn’t I? While it sure looks like it came straight out of the pages of Harry Potter, it’s actually by Bulgari (yes they make bags too!).

Just like how we immediately think of Alexander McQueen when we see skull motifs, the Serpent has, for a long time been very closely associated with Bulgari due to their ever-popular Serpenti timepiece and jewellery collection. A business decision to expand this iconic Serpenti line led to the birth of the leather goods and accessories collection which focused on the reinterpretation of their iconic symbol, with greater attention to detail in terms of the redefinition of the snake’s head. Launched in late 2011 as part of their Autumn/Winter collection, the Serpenti bags were such a big hit that it has now become part of their Classic range. The bag also comes with a snake chain, that’s designed in such a way so that it resembles the scales on a snake’s body. Against a plain structured bag, with the enamelled snake head that comes with glimmering green jewelled malachite crystal eyes at the centre truly commands attention.

Although the entire collection with the snake hardware details are labelled as such, the one that seems to be dangling from the shoulders of A-listers also happens to be making a regular appearance in both Season 5 Gossip Girl episodes and the current final season that’s currently airing in the US is this small shoulder bag with an enamelled snake head closure.

Spotted on Sage, Princess Beatrice Grimaldi, and Serena on Gossip Girl

A great shoulder bag that that easily translates into a stunning evening clutch, it would work just as well for a dinner date as it would on the red carpet. The small Serpenti shoulder bag retails for RM 5,950 at the Bulgari boutique in Pavilion KL.

Fad or cult classic? Well, to me, it’s just plain classically modern. What about you?

Image credit: Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Celebs.com, Madison Mag, Coolspotters, Bag Addicts Anonymous, Bulgari