Chanel's Metallic Lambskin Flap With Camellia
14 July 2017

Chanel’s Metallic Lambskin Flap With Camellia

Although I’m not supposed to be carrying shoulder and crossbody bags anymore, and have had to have a lifestyle change and downsize to only carrying mini bags – and believe me, this really took some getting used to, because I’ve never ever carried small bags until now (those of you who follow me on Instagram  would know that I’ve been having issues with my back). Having said that, however, I still look at, and appreciate bags that aren’t just mini in size.

When I saw this metallic gold and silver lambskin Flap bag, my heart stopped – Cue heart eyes emoji x 10. What made it even better, was the chunky chain, as well as the Camellia that sat on top of it. This really brought back memories, and took me back to when I was in high school, and chanced upon a mini lambskin flap with a matching lambskin camellia on the strap. I totally regretted not buying that because yes, even back then, I preferred larger bags. That was a seasonal piece, and I haven’t seen Chanel do a Flap bag that came with a Camellia on the strap … until NOW, with a bi-coloured ruthenium bi-coloured chunky chain (and you lovelies know how much I love my chunky hardware)! Alas, as luck would have it, due to my issues with my back, I am unable to get this piece, either. Well, I suppose it goes to show that in my case, just isn’t meant to be. I mean, apart from the Camellia, this particular Flap bag comes with a removable compartment/insert as well! Tell me, how many Flaps have you seen with this?

Sigh, I guess all I can do now, is just look longingly and lustfully at this piece, and hope that one of you lovelies reading this would purchase one, just so I can live vicariously through you. Send me pics of this lady if you do!

Images via Chanel