Chanel's Cage Flap Bag for Spring/Summer 2013
22 March 2013

Chanel’s Cage Flap Bag for Spring/Summer 2013

Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection proves once again, to be an intriguing one when it comes to the bags of the season – Chanel’s Classic Flap bag on a hula hoop (intended to be a beach bag  according to Karl) had us feeling stumped and fascinated all at once, while the Lego clutch practically set the fashion world abuzz, leaving all of us waiting in anticipation for Spring to arrive so that we could get our hands on one. And then there’s this Cage Flap bag that’s made entirely of wire, which looks more like a work of art (not to mention, very dominatrix-esque, dont you think?) rather than an actual bag. 

While it has a shoulder strap (well, it is after all, a flap bag innit?) it also comes with a satin pouch so that your belongings can be safely tucked away from those gaps that encases the bag. A surefire conversation starter the Cage Flap may be, I really wouldn’t want this to be anywhere near my clothes. I know that for the amount one forks out on this bag it shouldn’t snag our clothing but still … I guess I’m just OCD like that, heh. It would be nice to own though, and I can just imagine how pretty it’ll look sitting on the shelf of my bag wardrobe! There’s no word on price yet or whether its even going to be  available in KL but if it is, it ain’t gonna come cheap that’s for sure because this certainly has the  potential to become a collector’s piece!

Is this a Yay or a Nay for you?

Image via Chanel