Céline's Triomphe Bag
23 November 2018

Céline’s Triomphe Bag

Hedi Slimane is known for changing things up and revamping the look and feel of each brand that he designs for. We saw what he did at YSL whoops, I mean, Saint Laurent, and he’s already started doing that at Céline. First, he changed the logo (I smell a store redesign next), and now, a totally different aesthetic for his debut handbags collection for Céline, or well… almost. I say “almost” because his Triomphe Bag retains the structure and shape of the (former) classic, seeming as if its a reinterpretation of the Box bag. Thank goodness Slimane didn’t cause a ruckus this time with this one right here.

Celine Triomphe Bag Clasp

Okay, for those of you who are familiar with Céline and its past, you’d probably recognise this clasp that’s the central focal point of the bag. Some of you might even associate it with the brand’s Michael Kors era when he was Creative Director. I’ve heard people who have said that this design detail reminds them of a design motif on Roman columns or pillars. But, look closely and you’d actually see two Cs facing away from each other, in a sort of mirrored effect – Céline actually used this motif as their monogram, especially on their canvas/jacquard bags, right up until the late-2000s. So… why is it called the Triomphe? Well, that’s because this design detail, called the Blazon Chaine, was inspired by the Parisian landmark, the Arc de Triomphe back in 1973.

I’m guessing that for those of you who liked the Box bag would definitely find the Triomphe appealing, while some of you may find this a tad mature for your liking. Oh, and if you aren’t a fan of Red right here, it’s also available in Light Burgundy, Nude, Black, White, and Amazone (Dark green).

Personally, I actually prefer this to its predecessor from another mother (and by this, I mean, former Creative Director, Phoebe Philo) because I’ve always been a fan of the old monogram, which is now front and centre on the clasp. Yep, believe me, Philophile that I am, I’m just as surprised as you are because let’s just say, my opinions pertaining to Slimane’s creations and designs have been rather biased since he shook things up at Saint Laurent.


On a side note, Happy Thanksgiving, and stay tuned for my Black Friday picks tomorrow!


Images: Céline